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“What if I fall? Oh my darling, what if you fly”… how many of you have heard that before? Changes can be scary. Not only are changes unknown and unpredictable but they can also lead to a beautiful transformationn. It is the “what-ifs” that will leave someone thinking “was this the right decision or this was the worst decision ever?” When faced with changes, you have two options: either start something new and evolve or stick to what you have been doing for years. We have opted to try something new and fresh.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. New trends emerge, new technologies are developed, companies have become more natural and organic minded and have moved away from harsh chemicals, in essence the beauty industry is always transforming. WR Rayson has been one of the premier supplier of beauty products for 50 years, and that is a huge accomplishment! However to continue in the ever changing world of beauty we must evolve, think Charles Darwin and evolution: in order to not become extinct, you must adapt to survive.

Sparenity by Rayson is changing to adapt and adjust to business in the 21st century. To this end during this past year we have added more creative individuals to our team who have helped us to evolve and think of new ideas for the company. In a business, to hear the words “re-brand” can be extremely intimidating. However, we are confident that our rebranding efforts will be successful and add help us achieve many more successful years in business.

This company is in business just like every other spa supply company in the beauty industry, but our goal is simple – to make people feel confident and beautiful. We want our products to be meaningful and inspire Estheticians to be more creative and confident in their work. Our customers inspire us to want to create new beginnings for everyone. We want our customers to feel proud and believe in us. This change is going to be scary but it is going to be a beautiful one.
We are all in this together

Sparenity by Rayson